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Name: Helenor

Something Twice Album release: 8/23/19

Hometown: Boston, MA


Something Twice is an exploitation of a simple concept. Something happens and it happens again. A thematic diptych painted by Boston based Helenor as an ode to the patterns in our lives.

What began as an exploration of patterns in larger pieces of art, turned into a conceptual vehicle for the entire project. Throughout the album, this theme touches upon concepts ranging from identity, to relationships, to being generally overwhelmed in a most confusing modern time.

Helenor’s DIY debut LP Something Twice is the first musical offering from visual artist and designer David DiAngelis. Twangy slide guitars, textured synthesizers and distinct melodies comprise lovingly crafted songs, cradled by the subtle care and detail that home recording reveals. Drums were provided by Seth Kasper (Mass Gothic, Christopher OwensHooray for Earth) who also co-produced the album.


Email: dave@helenorhelenor.com


Instagram: @HelenorHelenor Twitter: @HelenorHelenor

Facebook: Helenorface Spotify: Helenor

Bandcamp: Helenor Soundcloud: HelenorHelenor

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